The Top 10 Korean Seafood Markets Today

Korea is a nation that is surrounded by water on three sides. No doubt, it is home to various kinds of seafood. This is why Korean seafood markets are sited everywhere across the country. Korean seafood markets are famous for the variety of seafood you will find there, ranging from mussels to king crab.

Little wonder, seafood lovers don’t mind a dime spent whenever they visit any of the Korean seafood markets since they know they will be getting fresh and quality seafood for the value of the money spent in purchasing it.

This article will share the top 10 Korean seafood markets worth visiting. Want to know more about how to get these kinds of seafood? Ensure that you read till the end.

Helpful tips when choosing a Korean seafood market

Concerning choosing the best seafood market, in this section, we have provided valuable tips that can come in handy for you. They are:

  • Online reviews
  • Tagging along with a rice sack or an esky

Online reviews

Online reviews are crucial in helping people decide which of the Korean seafood markets is best for them. The experience of another seafood lover in that same market that you prefer will go a long way in helping you decide whether you should go there or try somewhere else. Hence, it is time-saving.

Tagging along with a rice sack or an esky

After you have chosen your preferred seafood market to purchase from, remember to carry along a rice sack or an esky with ice blocks. This will help your seafood remain fresh as you carry it home. Although not all seafood purchased is cooked that same day, so keeping it in an esky is a great idea.

The Top 10 Korean Seafood Markets Today

Korea is a beautiful country with lovely sights of nature that keeps bringing in tourists annually. But there are other reasons visitors tour. The abundance of seafood markets and restaurants in almost every corner of the country, with the smell of seafood filling the atmosphere, is another reason they come, as seafood lovers can’t resist the urge to do so.

Here are the top 10 Korean seafood markets where you can get fresh and quality seafood from:

  1. Noryangjin Seafood Market
  2. Jagalchi Fish Market
  3. Gijang Crab Market
  4. Millak Raw Fish Market
  5. Sokcho Tourist and Fishery Market
  6. Mokpo Specialty Fish Market
  7. Jeju Dongmun Seafood Market
  8. Yeosu Seafood Market
  9. Seogwipo Olle Seafood Market
  10. Daejejong 5 Day Market

Noryangjin Seafood Market

Korean Seafood Markets

Noryangjin seafood market is one of the famous and largest Korean seafood markets. There is hardly any seafood you won’t find there as you will find a wide array of fresh seafood such as king crab, oysters, octopus, clams, snails, mussels, and more there being sold at wholesale prices. The seafood market is open between 1 am to 10 pm daily. So if you find yourself in the beautiful capital of Korea – Seoul, a visit to the Noryangjin seafood market should be on your to-do list.

Jagalchi Fish Market

Jagalchi fish market is one of the largest Korean fish markets near the Nampo port in Busan. This seafood market got its name from Jagal – which means pebble since it was once surrounded by tons of gravel. This seafood market has both an indoor market and outdoor stalls. In the indoor market, you will find lots of seafood kept in small tanks since they are still alive, while the outdoor stalls sell both dried and processed kinds of seafood. If you are looking for where to get fresh seafood at an affordable rate, then the Jagalchi fish market is your surest bet. The seafood market is open every day between 8 am to 10 pm. 

Gijang Crab Market

The Gijang Crab seafood market is famous for its abundance of live crabs in tanks and other seafood. It is your go-to-market for the freshest seafood in Busan. The Gijang crab market is one of the traditional outdoor Korean seafood markets where you will find different varieties of live and processed seafood for sale. Visiting this market after touring the Yonggussa temple sounds excellent, as it is about 20 minute’s from the temple to the market.

Millak Raw Fish Market

Millak raw fish market is one of the busiest Korean seafood markets, located on the North end of the Gwangalli beach in Busan. Here you will find stalls of live fish to purchase, and while you wait for sumptuous cuisine to be prepared, you will be asked to stay at the restaurant on the upper floor overlooking the beautiful beach. However, if you would love to take your purchased seafood home to prepare your recipe, that’s fine, as it will be well-packed for your easy carrying.

Sokcho Tourist and Fishery Market

Korean Seafood Markets

Sokcho Tourist and Fishery market is one of the popular Korean seafood markets that always attract tourists to Goseong in Sokcho city. The seafood market contains fresh seafood and other food specialties such as clams, crabs, chicken, and more. You can get value for your money in the Sokcho market as every seafood and other item here is inexpensive. It also has a big parking lot for over 300 cars, which makes shopping more straightforward since you are driving in your car and not boarding a taxi.

Mokpo Specialty Fish Market

Mokpo specialty fish market is a kind of modern seafood market that has its structure located in the former Dongmyeong-dong fish market. This seafood market has a parking lot for shoppers and over 120 stalls that sell quality and fresh seafood such as oysters, clams, mussels, and more. The Mokpo fish market is open seven days a week between 10:30 am to 9:00 pm.

Jeju Dongmun Seafood Market

The Jeju Dongmun seafood market is one of the four sections of the Dongman traditional market. It’s one of the largest Korean seafood markets, open all year round. The other sections of the market include street food, fruits and snacks, and souvenirs. The seafood market section is filled with several varieties of seafood, such as squid, oysters, clams, King crabs, and more. The regular opening hours of this market are between 7 am to 8 pm, while the night market is open between 6 pm to 12 am. 

Yeosu Seafood Market

Yeosu seafood market is one famous and quite sizeable Korean seafood market where you will find lots of seafood, live fish, and dried fish. It is located in Gyo-dong, Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, South Korea. The seafood market is open seven days a week between 10 am and 10 pm.

Seogwipo Olle Seafood Market

The Seogwipo Olle seafood market is located in Seogwipo-si, Jeju. It’s a daily market where you will find different seafood and other foods. It is also called the tourist mecca of Jeju owing to the Seogwipo Olle Market Olle Festival that occurs every year. The festival is aimed at showing tourists the beauty of Jeju.

Daejeong 5-Day Market

Daejeong is a unique seaside market situated next to the Moseulpo port. Several types of fresh seafood are available here, as well as quality vegetables and fruits. This is not a daily market, as it is open every five days.


Korea has always been a center of attraction for tourists for several reasons, including the abundance of seafood and its markets. It’s a must-see for seafood lovers.

Hence, we have listed and discussed the top Korean seafood markets in the section above that you can visit whenever you tour the beautiful nation of Korea.

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