Can You Order Pizza To a hotel?

Pizza remains one of the most nutritional foods in the world. That’s why it is craved by men for people irrespective of their locations. While some prefer pizza as an appetizer, others take this meal as a full-course meal. Whatever the reason, pizza serves as a good meal for many people. Pizza comes in several types which include Meat pizza, veggie pizza, pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza. The question of whether you can order pizza to a hotel is something many travellers are been seeking answers to. 

If you wish to order pizza to a hotel, here is a guide on how to complete the process.

Can You Order Pizza To a Hotel?

You can order pizza to a hotel via online apps or making orders from pizza shops. However, it should be done by following the hotel’s policies on food delivery. 

Any hotels or motels that don’t allow pizza at their place should notify you. Also, most pizza apps will either warn you that you will have to collect your pizza outside the hotel or that this service isn’t available at your present location. All hotels have the right not to accept pizza delivery; ensure you ask the manager before placing an order.

How to Get Your Pizza in a Hotel Easily

While many hotels in the USA permit pizza delivery to a hotel, for a hassle-free process, consider these factors:

Ask the Front Desk

If you are in a hotel and crave pizza, it’s in your interest to ask the front desk officer. All hotels have a policy when it comes to bringing food from outside, so I am making such an inquiry. Some hotels allow pizza to be delivered to customers’ rooms, while others have areas where it will be delivered.

Research Before ordering

When ordering pizza from your hotel online or by phone, be diligent. Many pizzerias charge more when they know they are delivering to a hotel. Therefore, ensure you have this in mind.

 Another factor is how far the pizza place is from your hotel. If it’s far, then expect to pay more. Ensure you don’t just stick to the first one that comes up on Google; take your time to look for pizzerias with the best meals and services.

Hotel Policies on Pizza Delivery

When ordering pizza from your hotel, try to know the rules of the hotel. Here are some of those policies:

Delivery Fees

Some hotels ask for a fee before pizza or any meal from outside can be brought to your room. Ask customer service about the charges before placing an order for pizza online.

Delivery Time

Delivery hours in many hotels vary when it comes to in-room delivery. For some, it’s strictly between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., while for others, the time isn’t stipulated.

Can You Order Pizza To a hotel

Accepting Pizza Delivery

Some hotels might ask for your presence before they accept pizza or any meal orders outside. Others may allow the food to be placed at the door of your room. It’s better to know such policies to avoid surprises when making an order.

Finding Pizza Delivery Close to Your Hotel 

Finding a local pizzeria near your hotel might be difficult. Here are some suggestions that can help you locate that pizzeria close to you:

Ask Hotel Staff

Your first contact should be the hotel staff when making inquiries about local pizza places. These staff may have an idea of where you can place your order. The concierge or waiter might also have phone numbers for these places at hand.

Use the Internet

Outside the front desk staff, you could use search engines. Bling, Yelp, and Google are good places to find pizza places in your area. Try to filter the results based on your needs.

Social Media

Social media is a huge community; therefore, you can ask for recommendations on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Your followers or other travellers might have great suggestions for you.

Flyers and Menus

Most hotel lobbies have flyers of pizzerias close by. You could also check restaurants for menus about places where you can get pizza at affordable rates.

The Best Apps to Order Pizza at a Hotel

Using apps can be a great answer when answering the question: Can you order pizza at a hotel? Here are some of the top apps to order pizza:

Uber Eats

Uber East is one of the best apps you can use when you want to buy pizza. They deliver pizzas all over the country and are fully optimized for individual and brand services.


This is one of the biggest pizza delivery platforms in the USA. DoorDash work with several pizza chains and local shops. For quick service, you should filter by location and menus.


Grubhub is another platform where you can order pizza at your hotel. They partner with top pizza brands and state restaurants. To find out if they can deliver to your hotel, use the hotel search section and address.


Although they have a smaller pizza delivery database, Postmates is another app you can use that can help you find a pizzeria close to you. They work with multiple pizza shops and restaurants all over the country. It’s an ideal option for independents.


Another alternative app that can help with pizza delivery to a hotel is Delivery. You can check their database to see if your hotel is listed. Their rates are reasonable, and they offer fast delivery nationwide.

Pizza Portals

You could also use pizza portals to order your pizza at a hotel. They have on their app many pizza shop directories you can use. You can check for your hotel’s order immediately via their app.

Tips for Placing a Pizza Delivery Order

Once you have located a pizza place that can deliver to your hotel, placing your order is next. To have a hassle-free ordering process, here are some quick tips:

Understand Your Order

Read the menu and understand which pizza category you want. Most pizza shops don’t accept refunds or return orders. Also, when you know your order, you will be able to prevent delays and mistakes.

Give Clear Instructions

Ensure the pizzeria knows your location, room number, and other details when ordering. If the hotel has some specific rules about delivering food to rooms, inform the pizza shop.


Timing is very crucial when making pizza orders. Pizza gone cold isn’t advised, so it’s better to order from outlets that can deliver on time. If you need to eat immediately, consider pizza and ships that have a quick response rate; while they could be more expensive, they’re better.

Be Clear on Special Requests

If you are on any special diets or have any special diet restrictions from the doctor, tell the pizza place. Also, those with certain allergies should let them know what causes these allergies.

Confirm Cost

When placing a pizza order, ask for the total cost, including delivery charges. This will help avoid all extra costs and unexpected fees.


The answer to the question, Can you order pizza to a hotel?, has been answered in this guide. You can order pizza from your hotel; however, this should be done by following the hotel’s policies on food delivery. 

Also, be sure to ask to use a nearby pizza shop near your hotel to get your pizza. While you can tip the pizza delivery man, ensure it doesn’t go against the hotel’s rules on tipping. There are several apps and websites where you can order pizza, and they have been discussed in this guide.


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