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Are Google Real Estate Leads Legit?

Real estate agents and realtors in the United States are regularly seeking leads to be successful. Constant sales in the real estate industry can be achieved quickly when you use the right platforms, such as Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The most used platform for real estate leads is Google. The problem is how legit Google real estate leads are.

Google real estate leads are legit when you subscribe to the right plans. With the Google Ads lead, you can create campaigns that can help you make more sales. The legitimacy of Google real estate leads depends on how you make use of the information given and your location.

This guide will help provide insights about how legit Google real estate is and the process involved.

Are Google Real Estate Leads Legit?

Google real estate leads are legit, and one of the initiatives of Google’s real estate business program is that Google provides customers who register for this program with easy access to their database. Some features enjoyed by users are based on factors that include:

  • Income Level
  • Age range
  • Location
  • Education
  • Other demographic factors

This Google Leads program is championed by several experts, which include:

  • Mortgage lenders
  • Contractors
  • House inspectors
  • Lawyers
  • Appraisers
  • Insurance agencies
  • Realtors

Google real estate leads are ideal for people seeking professional help to make their business successful. One of the ways Google Leads helps is by linking your Real Estate option with the Search Engine Results Pages.

 This will help your page rank higher. While the Google Leads program allows you to add targeted ads on Google Maps, you can’t add map markers outside the United States.

What are the Cost implications of Google Real Estate Leads?

When registering for the Google Leads program, you are allowed to use this program for six months. This gives you ample time to decide if it’s appropriate for your business. In the first three months, you will get a 5% commission on all sales fines via the links.

 From the fourth month on, your commission will drop to 3%. As a registered user, you can cancel your subscription at any time if you haven’t spent a dime. Once your free plan has expired, you will be able to choose from the different plans based on what your business needs. Prices for Google real estate lead plans are:

Plan A

$100 per month
Earned Revenue: 2%, reduces to 1% after a month, and after another 30 days, 0%

Plan B

Revenue begins at 4% and later reduces to 2% after 30 days.

Plan C

Starts with a revenue of 6%, which reduces to 5% after 20 days. It then further reduces to 4% after another 15%.

Plan D

Your revenue starts at 8%, which depreciates to 7% after 15 days. And it further drops to 6% after another 15 days.

Plan E

Your expected revenue starts at 10%, which drops to 9% after 12 days. Also, you will get 8% after another 20 days.

Important Notes

There are no caps on earnings if you subscribe to Plan D; however, you will make less money per click. For new users, it’s recommended to start with Plan A because of its flexibility. Also, based on your business objectives, you might consider switching plans quickly.

Does Google Leads Work for Realtors?

When a real estate agent buys Google leads, Google helps them with more visibility. With Google ads, your commercial property listings will rank highly. However, be careful when using Google leads, and ensure your ads perform better than just purchasing listings.

How Much Should Real Estate Agents Spend on Google Leads?

There isn’t a fixed way for realtors to go about spending on Google ads. However, to be a successful realtor, you should spend between $50 and $200 weekly. Also, it’s ideal to always try different competitors and bids. Also, note that there is a limit on how much realtors can bid on keywords. 

Are Google Real Estate Leads Legit

Because of this, you might not achieve high rankings quickly on Google leads. While keyword phrases are great, you should concentrate more on driving quality customers to your web pages. Ensure to always keep tabs on impressions, click-through rates, and clicks. This will help you monitor trends and patterns and allow you to know how to improve.

What’s the Cost of Real Estate Leads?

The average cost of real estate leads is around $0.15 to $4 per click. The cost of real estate leads depends on the type of house sold, condition, and location. A good example is properties posted on sales through fewer clicks than commercial buildings and apartments. 

What this implies is that realtors will pay thousands of dollars if they list numerous properties. Although the amount will be affected by views and property type.

How Can Real Estate Agents Get Leads?

Realtors primarily use referrals from existing customers to fill pipelines. Although these connections happen naturally, users can lose track. With the Google lead generation program, they allow users to share their information with third parties. With this feature, users can share data such as:

  • Agent ID
  • Email Address
  • Photo
  • Name
  • Phone number

When you register with Google Leads, you can create profiles and upload a license plate, business cards, and office setup. Google allows payment via PayPal and credit cards.

5 Alternatives for Real Estate Agents to Generate Leads

While Google real estate leads are legit, there are other platforms you can use to generate real estate leads. They include:


One of the platforms where you can get real estate leads is Facebook. With more than 80% of US adults on Facebook, it’s a place where targeted ads can earn you more money. There are several features on Facebook where realtors can find great customers. You can choose the demographic of customers you want based on your business goals.


While this platform might seem odd for a real estate agent to use to find leads, it’s a powerful platform. It also has powerful algorithms that allow you to enjoy targeted ads. Luckily, Instagram and Facebook are linked, so if you have a Facebook business account, you can post listings. Realtors seeking to promote their listings can use Instagram. 

Engagement on this app is high, which makes it an ideal place to post property listings. The main drawback for realtors using this site is that there are too many young people under the age of 26 there.


LinkedIn is a professional platform that agents can use to message and find their customers. You can create a personal network to change real estate agent leads and share property listings. Also, commercial real estate agents and investors can connect with their customers easily.


Trulia is an MLS listing platform and not a social media site. With sections such as Trulia Voices, realtors can post listings. Also, new real estate agents can come to this Trulia section to ask for advice about how to make money.


Zillow is a listing site that has forums where you can ask about real estate leads. It’s a great place to build your profile and reputation as a real estate agent. It doesn’t require any fees to register, and you can get potential customers there.


The question, Are Google real estate leads legit? has been answered in the article. We have discussed what the Google real estate lead generation program offers to US realtors. Also, we have talked about the different plans you can subscribe to if you want Google to promote your real estate business. Aside from Google, which provides real estate leads, we have talked about alternatives you could use.


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