The Top 10 Italian Seafood Markets Today

Generally, seafood is consumed all over the world owing to its abundance of nutrients that are essential to human health. And thanks to the seafood vendors who make getting all kinds of seafood easy for people.

Notably, seafood markets are grouped into different categories based on the type of seafood, consumption rate, and the region in which the market is located. With this in mind, we will share with you 10 top Italian seafood markets worth buying seafood from. Ensure you read till the end.

Factors to consider when choosing a Seafood market

The primary factor to consider when looking for a seafood market anywhere in the world to purchase seafood from is online reviews. Review plays a significant role in guiding individuals in choosing their preferred seafood markets. It is the experience of a shopper in a seafood market that several other persons can learn from before deciding whether to shop from the same place or not.

The Top 10 Italian Seafood Markets Today

Italy is blessed with more than 8000 km of coastline; hence it is no surprise that there are tons of seafood markets in the country. No wonder tourists are always visiting the country in their numbers annually owing to its beautiful history and architectural and structural designs. But apart from this fact, we doubt if they can resist the urge to tour any of the Italian seafood markets.

In this section, we will be sharing with you the 10 top Italian seafood markets that you can purchase your fresh and quality kinds of seafood from; they are:

  1. San Benedetto Market
  2. Mercato Ittico Millano Seafood Market 
  3. La Pescheria  
  4. Trastevere
  5. Mercado di Rialto 
  6. Mare Nostrum Pescheria
  7. Pescheria Nemo da Chiacco
  8. Pescheria La Scogliera
  9. Pescheria IL Porticciolo
  10. Risto Pescheria Consoli

San Benedetto Market

Italian Seafood Markets

Visiting San Benedetto Market after touring Cagliari’s historical center is a good idea. This Italian seafood market is located in Via Cocco Ortu, Cagliari, and is one of the biggest markets in this region. It’s an indoor two-story building market that houses over 300 stalls and covers over 8000 square meters of space.

The lower level is specialized in selling different kinds of fresh seafood, such as swordfish, lobster, trout, squid, mussels, and more. In contrast, the upper level is specialized in selling other foodstuffs. This seafood market is open from Mondays to Saturdays between 7 am to 1 pm and does not open on Sundays.

Mercato Ittico Milano Seafood Market, Italy

Mercato Ittico Milano is one of the top Italian seafood markets famous among locals and visitors. You will find all kinds of seafood in excess here, ranging from Shellfish to trout. This seafood market is a great place to visit if you need a variety of seafood to cook at an affordable price.

La Pescheria, Benedetto, Catania, Italy

Another name for this seafood market is A’Piscaria. La Pescheria is known as one of the biggest and top Italian seafood markets. If you ever find yourself in the beautiful port of Catania, then ensure you visit this home of fresh seafood. It’s just a few minutes’ drive from the port to Piazza Alonzo di Benedetto, where the market is located, and get ready to be greeted by the smell of different varieties of seafood.

Mercato di San Cosimato, Trastevere, Italy

Trastevere is one of the best Italian seafood markets to visit. Here, you will find various types of seafood available and quite affordable, such as mussels, salmon, octopus, and more. No wonder seafood lovers in Italy are always trooping in and out of the seafood market. Apart from selling seafood, it also has a restaurant that serves visitors delicious cuisine that emanates a lovely flavor.

Mercado di Rialto, Venice, Italy

Mercado di Rialto is one of the top Italian seafood markets in the country. What a splendid way to explore Venice! Get to enjoy the two minutes of crossing the famous Grand canal via traghetto (a regular gondola-like ferry) to this seafood market. You will find lots of fresh and quality seafood here; little wonder the seafood market is always buzzing with life on its open days.

Mare Nostrum Pescheria,Castello PG, Italy

Mare Nostrum Pescheria is one of the best Italian seafood markets, abundant in rich and fresh seafood. This market is located in the gorgeous city of Castello, Italy. A quick visit to this seafood market is a brilliant idea as you can buy the seafood you love at an affordable rate.

Pescheria Nemo da Chiacco 

Pescheria Nemo da Chiacco is an Italian seafood market where you will find an array of seafood of various species and sizes. It’s certainly a seafood market worth visiting. So if you find yourself in the ancient city of Tortoli, remember to add a visit to this famous seafood market to your checklist. 

Pescheria La Scogliera, Bari , Italy

Pescheria La Scogliera is one of the famous Italian seafood markets owing to its abundance of different types of fish as well as other seafood ranging from clams to oysters. It offers seafood lovers an indoor shopping option and delivery to their preferred location whenever they make an order online. However, remember that your location must be within Petroni and its environs.

If you are a seafood enthusiast in Petroni and have yet to visit this place, you are sure missing out on the fun.

Pescheria IL Porticciolo, Ciampino RM, Italy

Pescheria IL Porticciolo is a popular seafood market in Ciampino, Rome. It houses several kinds of seafood, such as prawns, clams, King crabs, and more. We recommend you visit this place if you find yourself in the ancient city of Rome. Here, seafood lovers are allowed to carry out in-store shopping and pick up various types of seafood.

Risto Pescheria Consoli

Risto Pescheria Consoli made it to our 10 top Italian seafood markets because of its good reviews on Yelp. It is not just a seafood restaurant but also a themed market for fresh seafood. You will find all kinds of seafood for sale in abundance here. So if you are in Tuscolano, remember to visit this place, give yourself a treat to a nice cuisine or buy some fresh seafood to make awesome recipes with.


Seafood markets are available to help seafood lovers and chefs who desire to make great recipes get all the primary ingredients and seafood they require in making their delicious cuisine.

Italy is known to be home to various seafood, and as such, various seafood markets are abundant in the country.  In the previous section, we listed and discussed the 10 top Italian seafood markets you can try. However, bear in mind that there are other seafood markets in Italy apart from those mentioned in this article. You can also use Google Maps on your device to search for ” Italian seafood market near me” if you are not getting the right direction to any of the seafood markets.


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