Checkout 20 Most Popular Seafood in the World

Seafoods contain nutrients that are highly significant to the well-being of the human body, and due to this fact, there has been a surge in the rate at which they are being consumed. Nowadays, there is hardly any country you will visit and would not find a seafood restaurant, and as a result, seafood has become quite popular among folks and friends.

Bearing this in mind, in this article, we will share with you the 20 most popular seafoods in the world. Join us on this trip around the world by reading this article till the end.


Checkout 20 Most Popular Seafood in the World

Seafood and the way they are prepared varies from one location to another, depending on the tradition or culture of the region where the seafood is being cooked.

In this section, we have compiled the most popular seafoods in the world; they are:

Norwegian Salmon

seafoods in the world

In Norway salmon takes up an estimated 40% of most of the seafood that’s exported to other parts of the world. Little wonder, it is termed the most popular seafood in the world. Even though most of the Salmons are not caught in the wild but cultured in huge tanks that are moored off the coast. 

Norwegian Salmon is very popular among seafood lovers owing to its enormous versatility, flavor, and its rich nutrient.


seafoods in the world

Fugu is another popular seafood that is well-known around the world. The name originated from Japanese for a fish known as blowfish or pufferfish. Blowfish is a type of fish that contains toxins that are concentrated in the liver, ovaries, eyes, and skin of the fish. This is why only trained chefs who have passed the scrutinized testing and licensing at the Local Government level can prepare Fugu.

Although, certain persons still request a tiny part of the toxic part from the chefs to feel that light-numbing-numbing sensation that the toxin creates. Fugu is often served in specific restaurants that serve the whole meal, such as fugu chiri, fugu rice porridge, fugu sashimi, and more that is paired alongside a bottle of drink.


seafoods in the world

Unagi is a Japanese word that means freshwater eels. It is often used in making Japanese cuisines and served to people in the form of fillets. However, the fillets are properly grilled to avoid consuming harmful toxins. A sweet and salty sauce made from soy sauce, mirin, and sugar is then spread with the fillets. Even though this seafood is eaten all over the country, there are still slight differences in the way the eel is prepared.


seafoods in the world

Another name for Ikura is known as Salmon Roe. They are characterized by a nearly transparent round shape. It is used as an unusual ingredient by the Japanese. After the eggs have been removed from the sacks of the salmon, they will go through a curing process using brine.

In 1912, during the Taisho period in Japan, the Russians were the ones who initiated the curing process of Ikura. Nonetheless, the Japanese modified the recipe to their taste by including fragrant soy sauces, sake, and rice wine in the curing process. To give the Ikura a vibrant Japanese flavor.

Bluefin Tuna

seafoods in the world

This seafood is one of the biggest tuna in the Atlantic Ocean that can live up to 40 years. It is an endangered predatory specie of Tuna that eats smaller fishes such as mackerel, herring, and eels.

Adult Bluefin tuna can weigh between 250kg to 900kg. Hence it has a fierce marbling when it has aged rightly, making it develop a rare balance of flavor when prepared.

Beluga Caviar

seafoods in the world

Another name for this seafood is known as the roe of beluga sturgeon. It is one of the most prized species in the world because it can take up to 25 years for this specie of Caviar to mature and start creating roe. Hence, the reason why it is so expensive and rare to come by.

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Beluga Caviar has a tender- buttery flavor and can be eaten plain or served with boiled potatoes, and sour cream. This seafood can be paired with a bottle of champagne or Sancerre.


seafoods in the world
Organic Dried Japaense Dried Bonito Flakes in a Bowl

Katsuobushi is one of the crucial ingredients in Japanese cuisine. It is often used to influence an intense umami flavor to various dishes as well as create kokumi. Kokumi is known as a taste sensation that is often termed as heartiness and mouthfuls.

The production of this seafood is very complicated and time-draining, which is why this variety of tuna is very expensive. 


seafoods in the world

Uni is derived from the Japanese name given to the sea urchin gonads, which produce roe. The role is the only edible part of the sea urchin that is usually eaten in South America, Europe, and other Asian countries.

It has a texture that is creamy and smooth and is also accompanied by a rich flavor.


This fish is a catadromous species that live in rivers, and only migrates to estuaries whenever they want to breed, after which it will return to the river. It has moist, firm flesh that is either white or pink. It can be baked, fried, grilled, or steamed. 

Dungeness Crab

seafoods in the world

This large crustacean is commonly found in the Pacific Northwest and off the coast of Washington. It is heavier than other crabs, and about 25% of it is meaty.  This crab can either be steamed or boiled entirely, while the firm textured meaty part is set apart and used in making salads, crab cakes, stews, dips, and more. 


seafoods in the world

This is a very popular specie of edible bivalve clam that is readily found on all three New Zealand islands buried deep in the sands of the Ocean beaches. It is often used to make traditional Maori cuisine and can be consumed directly from the shell. The meat can also be used to make tuatua fritters.

Carnikavas Negi

It is known as the river lamprey that is commonly caught in the Gauja river in the municipality of Carnikava between the months of August and February. They are often boiled or cooked over a coal fire and set in aspic in a ratio of 70% to 30%.

Bocachico Fish

seafoods in the world

Another name for this seafood is the prochilodus magdalenae which is said to be in danger of extinction. Little wonder the fish is so rare and expensive. It is an indigenous fish to the Columbians and can be used in soups or fried as a whole.

Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon

This specie of salmon is indigenous to the Australians and can be farm grown even though they can survive on their own in the wild waters of the Tasmanian west coast. It is internationally known due to its superior quality, flavor, texture, and high nutritional value of nutrients that can be of help to the human body.


Xiphias is a very special specie of swordfish that can be found in the Mediterranean Bay in Greece. It is characterized by a long and slender swordlike bill whose typical habitats are temperate and tropical waters. However, they can also be found living in cold waters.


seafoods in the world

It is a Greek name given to lobsters. They can be found in the offshore waters of the Mediterranean sea. They are of two species known as the European lobsters and the European spiny lobsters. They are internationally recognized for their superb sweetness and tender flesh. 


Masago is a Japanese name for the capelin roe gotten from Mallottus Villosus. The roe has small pale-colored beads that chefs often dye red, black, green, or yellow. It is cheaper than other roe varieties and has a milder flavor. However, it is less crunchy so it is used as an ingredient (sushi garnish) for neutral-flavored dishes.


seafoods in the world

Pejelagarto is popularly known as the living fossil that can be found in the lake, lagoons, rivers, and marshes of the Mexican Gulf. it is a carnivorous fish that has lived for over 100 million years without going through any evolutionary change. It is characterized by a long and heavy body, low-positioned fins, and a large snout with several sharp needle-like teeth.


This seafood is a large unusual-shaped clam that is indigenous to the native people of British Columbia. Its features include a long soft body that hangs from a shell ( also known as a neck or siphon). They are commonly used as culinary ingredients and are extremely expensive.


seafoods in the world

 It is also known as the white fish, which can be found in the coastal waters of the Bay of Bengal and remains indigenous to the Bangladesh people. Iiish is well appreciated for its tenderness and the roe it produces. Little wonder it is dubbed the Caviar of the tropics. This fish can be fried, steamed, or simmered in thick, flavorful sauces.


Apart from the popular kinds of seafood mentioned above, there are still several seafoods across the world that you can try out. However, we recommend that you give yourself a treat today by trying out one of the popular seafoods enlisted above.

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