The Top 10 Best Beaches in Nigeria

Beaches, wherever they are located, are quite popular attractions for tourists as they often radiate nature’s beauty and glory. Nigeria enjoys its fair share of visits and tourist travels due to the presence of beaches in the country. Amazingly, Nigeria is home to several amazing coastlines in West Africa, making it a hot spot for beach lovers.

Over the years, these beaches have become popular tourist sites where visitors can spend quality time with their families or relax in a tranquil environment. My visit list for festive periods and holidays feels complete when I include at least three beaches in different parts of the country. Are you looking forward to visiting the best beaches in Nigeria for vacation or holidays? Read this article to the end to be sure of where to visit.

The 10 Best Beaches in Nigeria

I had a hard time compiling this list of best beaches in Nigeria, not because there are not enough beaches in Nigeria but because the beaches are so uniquely amazing that choosing one over the other feels somewhat wrong. However, here are the best beaches in Nigeria as of today:

  • La Campagne Tropicana Beach

Of all the beaches I have visited recently, La Campagne Tropicana Beach is one place I cannot get enough of. With it, I am an Oliver Twist, always wanting more time each time I visit. The first thing that stands out for me is the peaceful atmosphere, sponsored by the combination of cool flowing water from a freshwater lake, lush green trees of a mangrove forest, and the soft white sands of the sandy beach.

Best Beaches in Nigeria

This beach sometimes almost paints a picture of paradise with its alluring beauty. In addition to basking in the beauty of La Campagne, there are other fun activities you can do there when you visit, like beach football, beach volleyball, hiking, horseback riding, and snorkeling. You will enjoy staying at the five-star resort if you simply want to relax and vacation in style.

Address: Ikegun Off Lekki-Epe Expressway Area, Lagos.


  • Elegushi Beach

Although Elegushi Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos, it does not make this list of best beaches based on popularity alone. At Elegushi Beach, there is a guarantee that you are in for an exciting and memorable beach experience. First, because of its bubbling atmosphere and then its captivating nightlife. One thing to do when visiting this tourist site is to be financially prepared, as there are several attractions you might need help resisting.

Best Beaches in Nigeria

During my last visit to Elegushi, I spent so much money at the food stands and in nightclubs that I had to stop visiting new places for more than two months. From horseback riding and paintball games to appealing food stands and nightly loud parties, there is never a dull moment at Elegushi Beach.

Address: Elegushi Royal Beach Lekki Phase 1, Lagos by Road 3 Lekki Phase 1, Lekki.

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  • Ifoko Beach

I was tempted to turn down an invitation here mainly because it is in Port Harcourt, which is a distance for me, but I am really glad I went. Only a few places can boast of having a natural beach, but Ifoko Beach is a source of pride to Rivers State as one of Nigeria’s most famous natural beaches. It remains a wonder how well the beach’s natural features have been preserved over the years, even with the changing times and human evolution.

Best Beaches in Nigeria

Interestingly, most people living around the coast are fishermen, so you get to enjoy amazing marine cuisine in restaurants. I enjoyed my time there, observing whales and several other aquatic life present closely. Do you want to see nature at its best? Visit Ifoko Beach.

Address: Brickfield Area, Asari Toru Local Government Area, Rivers State.


  • Ibeno Beach

Best Beaches in Nigeria

One of my best friends would forever love Akwa Ibom State because of this beach, as he confessed that it was the first tourist site where he had the fun of a lifetime. Ibeno Beach first stands out because of its beauty; few beaches in Nigeria are as breathtaking as this beach. You would also find this place quite interesting if you love water sports as there are several options in a calm and secure environment. So whether it is a weekend getaway, vacation, or a festive holiday with your loved ones, Ibeno Beach is just the place to be.

Address: Ibeno Local Government, Akwa Ibom State.


  • McCarthy Beach

Best Beaches in Nigeria

If there is a place I badly want to visit again, it is McCarthy Beach, located in Delta State. I am a big fan of swimming, and I will remember my swimming experience here, wading in the clear water, which was cool but not chilly. If you don’t particularly enjoy swimming, you can go on a boat cruise or paddle a local canoe. You can also relax by sunbathing, playing paintball, and enjoying delicious fish servings from food kiosks and stands.

Address: Abraka, Benin Road, Urhuoka, Delta State.


  • Pategi Beach

Best Beaches in Nigeria

Most people will be shocked to learn that there is a beach in Kwara State where Pategi Beach is located, mostly because it is less famous than other beaches in Nigeria. This tourist attraction is a beautiful shift from the conventional as it is not a regular sandy beach but is adored for its rugged terrain. Pategi Beach has artistic scenery composed of green palm trees, golden sands, and clear waters. It is also great to swim in. Also, there is usually a yearly Pategi Regatta Festival, while the fish market operates all year round.

Address: Baradogi, Kwara State.


  • Suntan Beach

Best Beaches in Nigeria

If there is one thing Suntan Beach is known for, it is its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It is my first choice for a vacation, as its ambiance alone is enough to help you disconnect and relax properly. While resting, you can also take in pretty sights of golden sands and the lush vegetation. Even though this beach is quite calm, you can also enjoy some fun activities like horseback riding, beach football, and birdwatching while being treated to tasty seafood. It is sometimes referred to as Coconut Beach.

Address: Badagry, Lagos State.


  • Tarkwa Bay Beach

Best Beaches in Nigeria

My love for swimming led me to Tarkwa Bay Beach, and my swimming experience was amazing as the beach is safer and has gentler waves compared to other Lagos beaches. This tourist site provides a calm atmosphere, making fun activities more lovely and memorable. Here, you can go hiking, quad biking, jet skiing, canoeing, on the water, or play beach volleyball and soccer on the beach shores.

Address: Lagos Harbour, Lagos State.


  • Calabar Beach

Best Beaches in Nigeria

There is usually a smile plastered across my face whenever I recall visiting Calabar Beach at different times, mainly because of the beautiful people I met in the several bars and restaurants I visited. Aside from meeting amazing people and enjoying wonderful Nigerian dishes, you can unlock the adventurous side of yourself with several activities like snorkeling, windsurfing, diving, and parasailing.

Address: Marina Rd, Duke Town, Calabar, Cross River.


  • Eleko Beach

Best Beaches in Nigeria

You may not know this, but Lagos has the most beaches in Nigeria, with Eleko Beach being one of them. Like other tourist destinations, the beach is often calm and quiet but comes alive during weekends when it enjoys an influx of tourists and merchants with different souvenirs for sale. Eleko Beach is a perfect getaway spot where you can be secluded and have a good time.

Address: Eleko Beach Rd, Lekki, Lagos State.



Of all tourist attractions to consider for vacation or during any holiday, beaches are great places with different fun activities and an atmosphere to bond with your loved ones. Although there are several beaches in Nigeria, the beaches mentioned above are the top 10 best, and visiting them would further assure you of that.

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