Bored at Home? A Look at the 6 Amazing Tourist Sites To Visit on Christmas Day

One of my fondest childhood memories is when my family went out on Christmas Day for the first time. The experience was so lovely that my six-year-old brain found it hard to forget. To this day, the Christmas season remains my favorite holiday. Christmas is a season of love that should be spent with friends, family, and loved ones. Christmas Day is too special for you to spend it indoors throughout, as it may become boring at some point. However, there is always the question of where to go or visit on Christmas Day, which is one reason people only go out a little. If you are like me and love visiting new places each year, then this article is for you. Read this article to the end to learn about some exciting tourist sites to visit this December.

Six Amazing Tourist Sites to Visit on Christmas Day


  1. Lekki Conservation Center

The first time I visited Lekki Conservation Center was so amazing that it took willpower not to return the next year on Christmas Day. This tourist site is special to me because of its quiet and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for bonding with friends and loved ones. One highlight of the conservation center is the suspended canopy walkway, the longest on the continent, on which you can walk and observe nature at its best and the green vegetation surrounding the place.

Amazing Tourist Sites

Although the height of the canopy walk could be scary at first sight, once you overcome the initial fear and shock, you will find yourself loving the view and basking in the sights spread before you. The nature park also gives visitors a wildlife experience with several animals you can observe and watch in their natural environment.

Address: Lekki Conservation Centre Rd, Lekki Peninsula II, Lekki, Lagos State.


  • Obudu Mountain Resort

Of all the tourist sites in Nigeria, the Obudu Mountain Resort has one of the most natural features that appeals to visitors, both Nigerians and foreigners. I remember how fascinated I was on my visit to this wonderful reserve. Of course, I had seen pictures and heard stories, but I was amazed by what I met in person. The first breathtaking feature of this tourist attraction is the view, which combines a savannah pasture and mountain geography, painting a picture of near perfection as far as nature is concerned.

Amazing Tourist Sites

Also, a ride in the resort’s cable car line, the longest in Africa, will leave you speechless at nature’s beauty. There is also a 100m long canopy walkway to leisurely hike on. The only downside to my time at this tourist site was that I visited the place alone, so I needed someone to go on the golf courses or ride horses with, which I unfortunately did not find. In addition to this resort’s natural blessings, you can enjoy exciting bonfires with fellow tourists and family, wade through water slides with your loved ones, and have a bubbling nighttime experience in the resort’s nightclub.

Address: Obudu, Obanliku Local Government Area, Cross River State.


  • Tinapa Leisure Resort

Until today, this tourist site remains the only place I would visit consecutively on two Christmas Days. I would not be surprised if, after your first visit, you feel drawn to return for the second and even third time. Tinapa Resort has an atmosphere capable of making your Christmas Day experience memorable, as there are several fun activities to do at the resort. You can start on Christmas Day by enjoying tasty Nigerian meals at various restaurants and then playing your favorite games at the casinos.

Amazing Tourist Sites

In addition, the resort has an amphitheater, pubs, and a cinema where you can see blockbuster Christmas movies with your loved ones. Also, you still get to do your Christmas shopping as there are several shopping outlets where you can purchase almost anything. So whether you want to spend Christmas eating, watching movies, or shopping, the Tinapa Leisure Resort can help make it possible.

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Address: Tinapa Resort, Odukpani Central, Cross River.


  • Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort

The interesting thing about this tourist site is that it provides several fun ways to spend Christmas Day with your loved ones. So you can choose to stay indoors and treat yourself and your partner to a pleasurable spa experience or go out and bond with fellow tourists on the golf course or at their elegant dining setting.

Amazing Tourist Sites

Le Meridien is a great option to make the holiday season restful and enjoyable. You should also look forward to their Christmas meals and cuisines, which are usually tastier than regular meals. The resort also has large grounds for lovers of nature and all things green to roam leisurely. A trip to Akwa Ibom state to spend time at the Le Meridien during Christmas would be worth it.

Address: Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom.


  • Olumo Rock

I have always dreamt of visiting the iconic Olumo Rock because of the many stories I’d heard growing up. I was not disappointed when I finally saw this famous tourist site. It is even more interesting to know that Abeokuta somehow got its name from the Olumo Rock, as the people of the area often hid underneath the rock in times of war during the old days.

Amazing Tourist Sites

Even though the rock is 137 meters high, you can be like me and climb to the top either via an elevator or take a long walk on a series of steps carved into the rock. Aside from the historical significance of this tourist site, it is also a great spot to bond with your loved ones, as there are eateries, restaurants, a museum, and a recreational park for children to have fun. Olumo Rock is my go-to place to spend Christmas Day if I’m considering cutting down my spending in December.

Address: Ikija Rd, Abeokuta, Ogun State.


  • Yankari National Game Park

Regarding the Yankari National Game Park, it remains my top choice to visit on Christmas Day, regardless of the distance. It took me over twenty hours of traveling from Lagos by bus before I finally arrived at the park, but every moment spent on the road was worth the visit. The first thing that made me fall in love with this tourist site is that it is home to over fifty different animals, including lions, elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, and hippopotamuses, which call the park home, and various bird species.

Amazing Tourist Sites

Moving away from the wildlife, you can also have an adventurous Christmas by journeying with your family through the Marshall Cave systems and swimming in the Wikki Warm Springs. In all you do and while you spend time in this game park, remember to safeguard your belongings from chatty baboons who can easily become thieves as friendly as they seem.

Address: Yankari, Mainamaji, Bauchi State.


Final Thoughts

Nigeria is a great place to spend your Christmas holiday, as there are various tourist sites where you can have fun and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Although these sites may be located in different geopolitical zones, you can still experience their magic. So when considering where to visit for Christmas Day, remember these 6 amazing tourist sites.

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