Check Out the 15 Most Popular Italian Seafood Dishes

Looking for a Seafood recipe to brighten up your day? Why not try out any of the Italian seafood recipes? It promises your palette all the savory it deserves and more.

Several people across the globe are seafood lovers owing to the abundance of nutrients that are found in seafood, such as Omega 3 fatty acids, Niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamins B12, D, B6, and more. These nutrients are highly significant to human health, which is why they are highly consumed worldwide. Little wonder seafood dishes are now being served in popular restaurants. Seafood dishes include prawns, King crab legs, octopus, trout, calamari, oysters, and more.

Bearing this in mind, we will look at this article’s 15 most popular Italian seafood dishes. Want more details on different Italian seafood dishes? Ensure that you read till the end.

Reasons why you should try out Italian seafood dishes

Here are the reasons you should consider eating Italian seafood dishes.:

  • All Italian seafood recipes are prepared from new kinds of seafood and ingredients. 
  • It is easy to prepare
  • It has lots of health benefits

All Italian seafood recipes are prepared from new kinds of seafood and ingredients.

Generally, Italian chefs are known for always using fresh ingredients while preparing their cuisines (especially seafood), which is passed down from generation to generation.

It is easy to prepare

Ever wondered why some seafood lovers love Italian seafood pasta or Italian seafood soup? It’s simple; these Italian seafood recipes are easily prepared without hassle.

It has lots of health benefits

Generally, all seafood contains minerals of great health benefits to the human body, and Italian seafood recipes are no exception.

Check Out the 15 Most Popular Italian Seafood Dishes

In this section, we will enlist the most popular Italian seafood dishes that you can try out; they are:

  1. Spaghetti alle vongole
  2. Linguine allo Scoglio
  3. Fritto Misto
  4. Linguine all’astice
  5. Fritto misto di pesce
  6. Cacciucco
  7. Brodetto
  8. Acqua pazza
  9. Involtini di pesce spada
  10. Baccala mantecato
  11. Spigola al forno
  12. Mussolini
  13. Seppie in umido
  14. Sphagetti alla busara
  15. Pasta e ravioli con cozze

Spaghetti alle vongole

Italian Seafood Dishes

This Italian seafood recipe is one of the traditional Neapolitan foods with two major ingredients: vongole clams and pasta. Spaghetti alle vongole is a popular Italian seafood because it is quick and simple to cook. 

Linguine allo scoglio

Italian Seafood Dishes

Another name for this Italian seafood recipe is Piatto di mare, which is often associated with the people of the southern Italian coast. Linguine Allo scogio is usually prepared from a combination of various kinds of seafood. These seafood are freshly caught and cooked with so much flavor to your palate’s delight. However, note that there is no particular recipe for making this cuisine. You can use clams, mussels, trout, and other seafood.

Fritto Misto

Italian Seafood Dishes

It is one of the Italian seafood recipes being prepared differently across the country. For instance, in Piedmont, the major ingredients required to make Fritto misto are shrimp, squids, and more, as well as lots of vegetables. Although the type of vegetable used is based on the season they are. You can pair this Italian seafood soup with semolina and enjoy the flavoury meal.

Linguine all’astice

Italian Seafood Dishes

Linguine all’astice is a traditional Italian seafood pasta made from a sauce containing fresh lobster meat, linguine, shallots, garlic, and more. You can pair this cuisine with white wine.

Fritto misto di pesce

Italian seafood dishes

Fritto misto di pesce is a popular Italian seafood because it doesn’t require much time to prepare. Its major ingredients are Calamari, alici, people, shrimp, and more. This Italian seafood stew can be paired with semolina and red wine.


Italian Seafood Dishes

Cacciucco is a typical Italian seafood stew associated with the natives of the Western coastal towns of Tuscany, little wonder it is often known as the fisherman’s stew of the port town of Livorno. The major ingredients to prepare this Italian seafood are fish, shrimp, octopus, squid, mussels, and more. You can enjoy this severely flavored seafood with toasted bread that has been rubbed with garlic.


Italian Seafood Dishes

Brodetto is an Italian seafood stew commonly made in the regions of the Italian Adriatic coastal cities and the Croatian regions of Istra, Kvarner, and Dalmatian. It is also known as an Italian fish stew. The major ingredients needed to make this seafood recipe are different varieties of fish, clams, scampi, King prawns, and more. You can pair this fish stew with crusty bread and a glass of champagne.

Aqua Pazza

Italian Seafood Dishes

Aqua Pazza is an Italian seafood popularly described as cuisine made from poached white fish. Although, there are different ways to prepare this recipe. Aqua pazza can be garnished with mushrooms, scallions, black olives, and more. 

Involtini di pesce spada

Italian Seafood Dishes

Another name for this Italian seafood is known as swordfish rolls. Involtini di pesce spada is associated with the natives of Sicily, who are commonly known to make swordfish dishes. The primary ingredients are swordfish, breadcrumbs, garlic, raisins, and more. However, there are some variations in the recipes for this seafood.

Baccala mantecanto 

Italian Seafood Dishes

Baccala mantecanto is one of the many Italian seafood recipes prepared from stock fish. It’s also known as whipped salt cod. The major in are stockfish, olive oil, and others. You can enjoy this tasty cuisine the way the locals do by pairing it with a toasted polenta.

Spigola al forno

Italian Seafood Dishes

Spigola al forno is an Italian seafood that can be prepared using different methods. However diverse the procedures might seem, the major ingredients used in preparing this dish are sea bass, garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs, herbs, and more. It’s very simple to make; little wonder it’s among Italy’s most popular seafood cuisine.


This seafood dish is popularly called insulting by the locals of Lake Como (particularly those in Tremezinna). The shad fish has lots of scales, which are first removed, and then gutted while filling up the shad with all the necessary ingredients. However nice and tasty the seafood is, Missoltini still takes time to prepare as the shad fish is left to dry properly before flavoring it with bay leaves ( and pressing afterward) to prevent it from going bad. Once prepared, you can pair this sweet delicacy with polenta and a red wine.

Seppie in umido

Italian Seafood Dishes

Seppie in umido is a traditional Italian seafood originating from the natives of Venice. This recipe includes squid, onions, garlic, tomatoes, ginger, nutmeg, and more. This Italian seafood stew can be best enjoyed with polenta. This seafood is popular because it is very easy to make.

Spaghetti alla busara

Italian seafood dishes

It is one of the Italian seafood recipes that emanated from Venice and its surrounding regions. The ingredients to make this Italian seafood pasta include scampi, spaghetti, tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, white wine, pepper, and more. You can pair your spaghetti alla busara with a bottle of red wine and pamper your taste buds.

Pasta e fagioli con cozze

Italian Seafood Dishes

Pasta e ravioli con cozze is a popular Italian seafood pasta originating in the metropolitan city of Naples. It is simply the combination of pasta and beans alongside the addition of mussels. This recipe is one of the many Italian seafood dishes that can be cooked in several ways. The basic ingredients to make this mouth-watering cuisine are beans, spaghetti, mussels, white wine, garlic chili flakes, herbs, seasonings, and more.


Italy is a country blessed with lots of seafood, which is why it is a haven for seafood enthusiasts who wouldn’t mind touring the country in search of the best seafood dishes. And guess what? Italian seafood restaurants satisfy visitors who have come to explore their tasty cuisines as they serve excellent Italian seafood.

Apart from the Italian seafood dishes mentioned and recommended in the previous section, there are several Italian dishes that you can try out. Eating seafood frequently can give your body the required nutrients to stay healthy. Hence we recommend you eat an Italian seafood dish regularly and stay fit.


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