10 Delicious Ghana Foods to Try as a Visitor

Outside Ghana’s captivating music, beautiful culture, and historical landmarks. The country’s culinary experience is unparalleled. Ghana is filled with friendly, warm and hospitable people, making it an ideal and safe place for tourists. Even as a traveller, the Ghanaians can approach and chat with you like you have known each other for a long time and they are so good at persuading guests to try their dishes.

Ghana is an ideal country for an adventurous foodie. With Ghana’s unique cuisine, their meals have ways of capturing travelers’ hearts. The famous restaurants in Ghana always surprise guests’ taste buds with Ghanaian specials.

Ghana has a lot of special dishes, and your travel experience is not yet complete until you try some of these dishes. These dishes have unique ways of surprising taste buds. Read the article to the end to keep records of the foods you should try when you visit Ghana.

10 Delicious Ghana Foods to Try as a Visitor

1. Ghana Jollof

Ghana Foods

The most iconic of all Ghana dishes, the Ghana Jollof is one that every traveller cannot afford to miss. The fresh ingredients used include rice, tomato, bell peppers, onion, curry, and thyme and some may add garlic, sometimes accompanied by diced vegetables and peas. The aroma alone makes the tongue salivary and ready to surprise the taste buds. The jollof can be loaded with chicken, beef or turkey. However, when it is served, it is promised to deliver a unique taste. A chilled water or soft drink is a good accompaniment to Ghana jollof.

2. Kelewele

Ghana Foods

Kelewele, also known as the Ghana spicy fried plantain, is a combination of spicy and sweet flavors. Every famous restaurant and street food vendor in Ghana has Kelewele on display. This meal has found a special way of capturing people’s hearts and stomachs. Kelewele is made with ripe plantain accompanied by chilli, onion and ginger. The plantains can be chopped into several desired shapes and sizes. It is fried to attain a golden brown color, signifying a ready-to-eat Kelewele. Each bite makes Kelewele a worthy treat.

3. Banku

Ghana Foods

Banku is a meal that’s especially served with tilapia fish. This dish is made with fermented corn and cassava dough. The well-seasoned tilapia fish serves as a great accompaniment for the Banku. Banku with tilapia fish is served along with a pepper sauce with ingredients including tomatoes, onions and pepper. This Ghanaian local dish can hardly be found in other countries, so as a guest in Ghana, you can try this wonderful meal.

4. Kenkey

Ghana Foods

The ingredients for Kenkey include corn dough, water and salt. The ingredients may look simple but the process of making this meal is a bit lengthy. After making this meal, the dish presents itself as the true definition of a delicious ball of flavour. To enjoy this meal, stew or soup needs to accompany it. Kenkey can also be matched into ice Kenkey. This includes matching the kenkey with milk, sugar, and groundnut, and leaving it to get cold or freeze then enjoy.

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5. Waakye

Ghana Foods

Waakye is a famous street food in Ghana. The love for this dish has made it available in other countries as well. Eating this popular meal in its country of origin gives a special feeling accompanied by the right taste. The ingredients for this dish include rice, beans, and dried millet stalk leaves. The unique iconic burgundy colour is obtained from the dried millet stalk leaves. Waakye is best served with fried fish stew, black stew, gizzard sauce, egg stew or beef stew.

6. Oblayo

Ghana Foods

Oblayo, also known as hominy corn porridge, is a popular breakfast meal in Ghana. This unique local Ghana dish is very easy to prepare. The ingredients include corn and water, its combination with evaporated milk and the right amount of sugar accompanied by some sprinkle of cinnamon makes the delicious taste an obvious one. If you are in Ghana and you want to surprise your taste buds, Oblayo is a meal to try.

7. Agbeli Kaklo

Ghana Foods

Agbeli Kaklo is also called crunchy cassava balls. Agbeli Kaklo is a common Ghanaian and Togolese snack specially made from cassava. The process of making this snack is time-consuming. The cassava has to be grated for the starch to be squeezed out. After this, it is seasoned with salt and onion, then rolled into desirable ball sizes and fried. The frying takes about seven minutes, and it turns golden brown when it is ready to be eaten. This chewy snack is so delicious that grabbing a bite will have you craving for more.

8. Palava Sauce and Ampesi

Ghana Foods

Nutritious meals are bound to keep tourists healthy. Palava sauce and Ampesi (boiled yam with vegetable sauce) is a very nutritious Ghanaian meals. Ampesi is boiled plantain and yam, and palava sauce is sometimes called the spinach stew. Preparing this sauce requires the following ingredients: Ghana green vegetables, onions, salt, chili and spice, mostly accompanied with fish or beef. The carefully selected ingredients for this meal have a whole lot of nutritional benefits to offer to the body. Taking this meal goes beyond enjoying it. The health benefits that this food provides are also top-notch.

9. Angawamo

Ghana Foods

The Ghanaian way of styling rice gave birth to this meal called Angawamo (oil rice). This dish is one of Ghana’s special dishes. The rice is fried together with enough onions, chilli, spicy and beef. The rice attains its unique golden colour during the frying process. After enough frying, water is added to make the rice soft and fluffy and in the process absorb more flavour. Angawamo can be served with fried egg, chicken, beef and fresh fish. In whichever way this dish is being served it promises to hit the right spot on the palate and satisfy the appetite.

10. Nkatenkwan

Ghana Foods

Ghana peanut soup (Nkatenkwan) is a special soup with uncommon ingredients. The distinct flavour of this meal comes from its carefully selected cuisine. This hearty Ghanaian meal combines the flavour of peanut or groundnuts with palm oil, chillies, onions, garlic, tomatoes and fish, beef or chicken. The beauty of this soup comes from its rich look. The soup is always stuffed with enough beef or chicken. This soup goes well with fufu or omo tuo.


Ghana has rich cultures and histories. Ghana is a beautiful nation with unique cultures that tend to attract tourists. Millions of tourists visit this country yearly. Knowing more about the Ghanian’s special meal is important. This article has specially curated ten out of many Ghanaian meals that travelers in this country should grace their taste buds with.



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