The 10 Best Italian Seafood Restaurants Today

If you intend to travel to Italy, consider adding a visit to any of the Italian seafood restaurants to your to-do list. It’s an incredible experience that will remain unforgettable for you.

Italy is a historic country with borders extended into the Mediterranean Sea. Due to this fact, it has become a center of tourist attractions, has allured visitors from around the world, and remains so to date. It is also known for its abundance of seafood; little wonder there are numerous Italian seafood restaurants in this gorgeous country.

With this in mind, we will look at the ten best Italian seafood restaurants you can visit when touring the country.

Tips required in choosing a seafood restaurant.

In this section, we will share tips to help you choose any Italian seafood restaurant. They are:

  • The type of local seafood served 
  •  A variety of seafood recipe 
  • Proximity (optional)
  • The quality of seafood served

The type of local seafood served 

Most people visiting the country for the first time would prefer to go for local cuisine to have a feel of the hometown the seafood originated from. A good seafood restaurant is sure to have local seafood on its menu.

A variety of seafood recipe

A typical seafood restaurant is supposed to provide its customers with a variety of seafood options such as diners, sales of fresh seafood/ cuisines, takeouts, and more.


This factor is optional, particularly for visitors, except if you live within the country or are lodged close to a seafood restaurant.

The quality of seafood served

Do you know that a seafood lover would not mind paying an exorbitant price for cuisine as long as it is quality? Any seafood restaurant that can offer quality food to its customers is assured of getting more visits from such customers.

The 10 Best Italian Seafood Restaurants Today

Italy has seafood restaurants that provide outstanding cuisine to their diners. Here, we have selected the ten best Italian seafood restaurants that you can visit; they are:

  1. Ristorante II Tempio di Iside
  2. Pierluigi
  3. Assunta Madre
  4. II San Lorenzo
  5. Hasekura Ristorante Giapponese
  6. Ristorante Mama Angelina 
  7. Due Ladroni
  8. Somo
  9. Ristorante Grano
  10. Livello1

Ristorante II Tempio di Iside

italian seafood restaurants

If you are looking for an Italian seafood restaurant with a rooftop for diners, then Ristorante II Tempio di Iside is the restaurant for you. Its menu includes a lengthy wine list, oysters, scampi, seafood pasta, and more. Apart from dining in, it also offers diners takeout. So if you ever find yourself in the city of Roma, don’t forget to visit them and enjoy tasty seafood.


Pierluigi is one of the famous Italian seafood restaurants that offer seafood lovers several fresh Italian seafoods in a traditional interior that will make them comfortable and at home. They provide dine-in and takeaway options for diners but do not carry out delivery services.

Assunta Madre

Assunta Madre is a trendy seafood restaurant located in the Metropolitan city of Rome. It stands out from other Italian seafood restaurants because it specializes in cooking fresh and quality fish and seafood. You will also find sea urchins, oysters, King crab legs, and other cuisine on its menu. So if you find yourself in the street of Tapas in Rome, don’t forget to visit the restaurant and let your palate thank you.

II San Lorenzo

II San Lorenzo is one of the several Italian seafood restaurants that offer diners nothing short of quality seafood. The interior of this seafood restaurant is so elegant, with modern art that hangs from the marble walls. The menu served here is worth every penny to get the delicious cuisine.

Hasekura Ristorante Giapponese

Hasekura Ristorante Giapponese is one of the many Italian seafood restaurants that provide seafood lovers with multi-course cuisines such as sushi, fish, oysters, and more. The interior of this seafood restaurant is beautifully decorated with a Japanese touch that makes diners feel at home. The perks attached to this sushi restaurant are that it offers customers dine-in and kerbside pick-up options.

You are welcome to try out their great seafood if you find yourself in the lovely Dei Serperti region of Rome.

Ristorante Mama Angelina 

Check out Ristorante Mama Angelina, an Italian seafood restaurant that uses the traditional Italian home method for every seafood on its menu. This ensures diners feel the old-world trattoria on every bite they take. Apart from its superb menu, it also offers diners dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options. Hence, it’s no surprise that it is viral among locals and tourists.

Due Ladroni

Due Ladroni is an Italian seafood restaurant that has existed for a while and ensures quality cuisine for all its diners. It is commonly known as a late-night seafood restaurant with an interior made of dark wood paneling and a vault. So if you are not scared of walking late at night in Piazza Nicosia, trying out its seafood sounds good.


Somo is one of the Italian seafood restaurants that offer seafood lovers fresh seafood, including sushi, fusion cuisine, and more. If you are a local or busy touring the Metropolitan City, visiting Somo sounds like a great plan; your stomach will commend you for the kind gesture.

Ristorante Grano

italian seafood restaurants

Ristorante Grano is a grand Italian seafood restaurant specializing in excellent cuisines that will keep you demanding more. The menu offered to diners here ranges from seafood pasta to oysters. However, it offers seafood lovers the dine-in option in an artistically beautiful interior. A visit to this restaurant in Roma is one that you would like to remember promptly.


If you are searching for Italian seafood restaurants that offer seafood diners, either the dine-in or the kerbside options, then Livello1 is the right spot for you. The menu here is so pleasant that it keeps attracting locals and guests. 


We trust we have been helpful in sharing with you the ten best Italian seafood restaurants. However, bear in mind that apart from the Italian seafood restaurants mentioned in the previous section, there are several other seafood restaurants in Italy owing to its abundance in fresh and quality seafood that you can try out.

And if Italy is out of reach, you can use your phone via Google map to search for an Italian seafood restaurant, type “Italian seafood restaurant near me,” and you are certain to get one close to you, regardless of the country you are located.

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