The 65 Best Seafood Restaurants in USA

The United States of America remains one of the most popular countries to visit during a vacation due to its numerous infrastructural masterpieces and tourist attractions. Seafood lovers would particularly love the United States as the country offers abundant options for seafood dining. If you are searching for an excellent country to enjoy seafood, the United States of America is just the right choice. Several seafood restaurants in the US are sure to give a fantastic seafood experience. Finding one to provide you with a quality seafood experience may take time due to the numerous seafood restaurants.

Do you want to know where to find the best seafood restaurants in the United States? Keep reading about the 60 top seafood restaurants in the United States. This article discusses the best seafood restaurants in the US and certain things that make them unique.

The 65 Best Seafood Restaurants in USA

One of the most popular dining options in the US is seafood, thus providing seafood lovers with various options. Some of these restaurants are different, as each uses different cooking methods for preparing meals and has a unique atmosphere. Here are the 60 best seafood restaurants in the United States:

1. Le Bernardin Seafood Restaurant New York

Located on W51st Street, New York, one of the busiest in the state, and ranking as the best seafood restaurant in America, Le Bernardin combines dedication and a sense of community to provide seafood of the highest quality available. Here you can get the best seafood experience and enjoy prepared meals of oysters, tuna, salmon, shrimp, lobsters, crabs, and even octopus. Amazingly, the seafood sold here is affordable, so you can treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime experience for little money.

2. Eventide Oyster Co. seafood restaurant Portland

It is easy to dismiss this restaurant due to its homely feel, but a visit would convince you. Eventide Oyster Co is located at 86 Middle Street, Portland, Maine, and is your first point of call for pristine oysters and shellfish. This restaurant has a homemade feel while enjoying your favorite seafood. It is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

3. Broadway Oyster Bar St Louis

Enjoying seafood at this locally-owned restaurant is one of the best ways to spend your vacation in the United States. You can locate the Broadway Oyster Bar on 736 S. Broadway, St Louis. Aside from the delicious food served here, which includes seafood like Louisiana crawfish, scallops, crabs, oysters, and shrimp, the bar has two outdoor patios where you can enjoy the festive ambiance always present in the restaurant.

4. Mariscos Chihuahua seafood restaurant, Arizona

If you ever visit Arizona and you are searching for a great restaurant to enjoy seafood in, Mariscos Chihuahua is the right place for you. Here you can enjoy Mexican seafood surrounded by wild sea-themed murals that create a highly relaxed atmosphere. Also, there is an exclusive selection of hot sauces to accompany refreshing seafood dishes. Mariscos chihuahua is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

5. Oyster House Philadelphia

The best seafood choices in Philadelphia can be found in this restaurant at 1516 Sansom Street, Philadelphia. In Oyster House, you get a special treat to Philadelphia’s largest selection of oysters courtesy of the raw bar in the middle of the restaurant. You also get to enjoy both old-school dishes as well as regional classics.

6. Cajun Kitchen, Houston

Strategically located near Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the restaurant is home to the finest seafood that can be found in Houston, ranging from oysters and crawfish to king crabs and Dungeness crabs. As an added advantage, Cajun Kitchen Houston offers Vietnamese and Cajun dishes, which often include aromatics like garlic, onions, and others. Cajun Kitchen is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

7. Stiltsville Fish Bar, Miami Beach, Florida

A visit to this fantastic restaurant in the Sunset Harbour neighborhood, Miami Beach, Florida, would leave you happy and content as the restaurant provides a relaxed and casual atmosphere for enjoying your favorite seafood. Its excellent seafood dishes include smoked fish dip, fried coconut shrimp, and soft shell crabs, all of which make Stiltsville Fish Bar a pleasant location for seafood lovers.

8. Bristol Seafood Grill, Missouri

If you are in Kansas or Missouri, Bristol Seafood Grill is a fantastic place to find the freshest seafood available in these locations. It is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US. One thing that sets it apart from similar seafood restaurants is the decor of each location which is usually inviting and relaxing. You also enjoy unique dishes like the Idaho rainbow trout and fried catfish from Mississippi.

9. Hama Hama Oyster Saloon, Lilliwaup, Washington

Situated in Lilliwaup, Washington, this entirely outdoors seafood restaurant ranks among the best seafood restaurants in the United States. It is open all year round, and since it is outdoors, you can enjoy hot salmon chowder, some clams, or crab cakes while sitting around a bonfire. Hama Hama Oyster Saloon is a fantastic seafood haven to check out when in Washington.

10. Current Fish & Oyster Salt Lake City

Simplicity and dedication are the watchwords of this seafood restaurant in Salt Lake City. Asides from offering the best fresh seafood in the region, Current Fish & Oyster also offers modern cocktails, cider offerings, and local beer to enjoy alongside its seafood dishes.

11. Merroir seafood restaurant, Virginia

Merroir is run by Rappahannock Oyster Company and is one of Virginia’s most popular seafood restaurants and one of the best seafood restaurants in the US. The pristine selection of shellfish, crabcakes, and other cooked seafood, accompanied with excellent tasting wine, make Merroir a seafood lover’s favorite.

12. Splash Seafood Oyster Bar & Grill Des Moines

On 303 Locust Street, Des Moines, Splash Seafood Oyster Bar & Grill provides tropical-inspired seafood dishes like sesame tuna and blackened swordfish. With this restaurant, there is an assurance of fresh seafood consumption as the restaurant receives seafood shipments daily from Boston, Seattle, and Honolulu seaports.

13. Calumet Fisheries, Chicago

Established in 1928, Calumet Fisheries offer customers seafood like trout, eels, and whitefish that are specially smoked in smokehouses with years of experience and function. It is proudly one of the last restaurants in Chicago that provide smoked seafood delicacies prepared with wood. Amazingly, smoking seafood this way gives it a distinct taste and flavor that is quite appealing to seafood lovers.

14. Eat my Catfish seafood restaurant, Arkansas

The restaurant spreads across Arkansas in four locations and has a seafood-focused menu ranging from fried shrimp and crabs to boiled or roasted crawfish and catfish. Also, Eat my Catfish delivers farm-raised catfish so you can prepare a homemade catfish meal.

15. Hooked Beaver Creek seafood restaurant, Avon, Central Colorado

Your visit to the Rocky Mountains would be incomplete without enjoying seafood dishes in Hooked Beaver Creek, one of the best seafood restaurants in the US. This fish-centric restaurant stands out for its fantastic seafood meals. You can enjoy dishes like spicy tuna tacos, cioppino, or pan-fried salmon while listening to an in-house fishmonger. If you are searching for a fantastic seafood experience, this restaurant is where you should go.

16. Matunuck Oyster Bar, Rhode Island

Located at 629 Succotash Rd, South Kingston, Rhode Island, this restaurant offers the best quality seafood with freshly packed and prepared meals. Not only does Matunuck Oyster Bar have an on-site oyster pond, but the restaurant also serves various seafood options, including chowders, stuffed lobsters, littleneck clams, jumbo shrimp, and steamers. In addition to the beautiful seafood dishes available, the bar also serves cocktails, beer, or dessert drinks to give you a wholesome eating experience.

17. Keyhole Bar & Grill, Mackinaw City

Only a few seafood places in America stay open through winter months, and Keyhole Bar & Grill is one. Started about 45 years ago, this seafood restaurant can be found on 323 East Central Avenue, Mackinaw City. The restaurant specializes in freshwater fish while dabbling in other seafood recipes. Also, the restaurant has a laid-back feel that helps you relax easily while enjoying a fantastic seafood meal.

18. Northern Waters Smokehaus restaurant, Duluth, Minnesota

This unique cafe at DeWitt- Seitz Marketplace, Duluth, Minnesota, has been smoking meat and fish for over twenty years. However, the real specialty here is fish that come into the Northern Waters in their thousands. The wood-kissed crimson fish is the most popular meal on this restaurant’s menu. The Cajun Finn is also offered here to the utmost delight of most seafood lovers. In addition to providing a relaxed space to enjoy various seafood choices, the restaurant also offers catering services, often with the best products and crew.

19. The Ordinary seafood restaurant, South Carolina

If you are searching for a fancy seafood restaurant in South Carolina, this restaurant is where you should be. Right on 544 King St, Charleston, South Carolina, The Ordinary is in a bright, airy 1920 bank building. One thing that sets this restaurant apart is that it has some of the best seafood options in Charleston. The Ordinary also supports local and regional fishermen, who usually sell their catches for sale to be prepared for the seafood hall’s guests. Finally, its oyster bar is designed exquisitely, which in turn will enhance your seafood experience. The Ordinary is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

20. The Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House, Manahawkin, New Jersey

Manahawkin ranks as one favorite location for seafood lovers because this restaurant is arguably one of the best places to find the best seafood in the area. The Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House offers an exciting selection of scallops, freshly caught clams, and high-quality oysters from the West and East coasts. Some seafood dishes include Bonsai oysters, lobster cocktails, and smoked salmon. In addition to various seafood choices, you can always try out steak as its steak house is quite functional. Whenever you are in Manahawkin, check out 1201 E Bay Avenue to enjoy as much seafood as possible.

21. The Crab Shack restaurant, Georgia

A list of the best seafood restaurants in the United States has to have Crab Shack Georgia to be complete. Amazingly, the restaurant is set uniquely and presents a mix of a tiki bar and a pirate den. Also, the seafood joint is well known for its low-country fish boils, which combine several ingredients with a secret seasoning blend. Crab Shack Georgia also offers seafood like shrimp, mussels, and crawfish. In addition, the restaurant comes with outdoor seating, which overlooks a tidal creek so you can enjoy your favorite seafood meal while basking in the beauty of nature.

22. Caplinger’s Fresh Catch seafood restaurant, Indiana

The seafood market is often considered the best place to get seafood in Indiana. Caplinger’s Fresh Catch is a family-run business that also boasts top quality and fresh seafood as it receives a new seafood supply from local fishermen daily. Here, you can purchase fresh seafood with various sea creatures like clams, tuna, king crabs, lobsters, and well-prepared seafood meals. This restaurant’s dishes include blue crab melt, smoked tuna salad, lobster rolls, catfish filets, and crab cakes. Nothing beats the taste of freshness contained in every meal served in this restaurant. It is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

23. Bevi Seafood Co., New Orleans

Located at 236 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, Bevi Seafood Co. recognizes the traditions of New Orleans seasons and offers a rotating option of seafood such as shrimp, oysters, crab, and crawfish. The neighborhood seafood market offers fresh seafood, while delicious and top-quality seafood dishes are available in the restaurant. If you are a fan of boiled seafood, you will love this place as it is recognized for its excellent quality. Like other similar seafood restaurants, Bevi Seafood Co offers catering services for parties ranging from fifty to five hundred people.

24. Costas Inn seafood restaurant, Baltimore

One aquatic species synonymous with Baltimore and Maryland is the Blue crab, and at Costas Inn, you can taste its sweet white meat. The seafood haven is quite famous for its steamed crabs made over newspaper-covered tables. Some lovely seafood dishes you would enjoy trying include pan-fried soft-shell crab and its special jumbo lump crab cakes. If you are even in Baltimore and crave seafood, Costas Inn is the perfect place to satisfy your craving and give you a quality seafood experience.

25. Yankee Lobster Company seafood restaurant, Boston

This family-run business has existed since 1989 and is the surest place in Boston for fresh seafood meals from the boat to your plate. Asides from enjoying well-prepared seafood meals, you can also purchase fresh seafood items to cook in the comfort of your home. Some seafood dishes to enjoy are fish, scallops and clam bellies, fried lobsters, and clam cakes. Yankee Lobster Company offers extra fresh lobsters obtained from tanks filled with fresh ocean water. You can locate this seafood joint on 300 Northern Avenue, Boston.

26. El Dorado Seafood Restaurant, Utah

Asides from offering fresh seafood Yankee Lobster Company offers extra fresh lobsters obtained from tanks filled with fresh ocean water. This Mexican seafood restaurant brings a new blend to the seafood experience with flavourful seafood. Established in 2005 and located in West Valley City, Utah, the restaurant has a great atmosphere and enough space to serve about a hundred people at a time.

In El Dorado Seafood Restaurant, you can enjoy its pretty popular mariachi bands. Other meals available in the restaurants have a blend of crab legs, clams, oysters, octopus, and abalone. You can also find lobsters here. Amazingly, all the meals prepared here have a distinct Mexican taste and feel. The El Dorado is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

27. Taylor Grocery restaurant, Taylor, Mississippi

If you are searching for a restaurant to enjoy a premium seafood experience in America, then Taylor Grocery is where you should be. Found in Taylor, Mississippi, the catfish capital of the world, Taylor Grocery was pioneered by locals and since then has been a source of pride to locals and residents. One thing that would certainly interest you as a seafood lover is the traditional style in which their meals come. Try hanging out in this seafood shack with excellent fried catfish and hush puppies. You get to enjoy huge platters of whole fish and fried filets.

28. Holland’s Shelter Restaurant, North Carolina

Dining in this restaurant is like enjoying a delicious meal in a time warp due to the laid-back, old-school vibe the seafood haven has maintained over the years. Here in Holland’s Shelter Restaurant, you are assured of the best frog’s legs, shrimp platters, and fried catfish in North Carolina, where it is located. Also, the restaurant’s bar offers numerous drinks like white wines, red wines, draft beers, duplin beers, and bottled beers to enjoy alongside plates of your favorite seafood. The restaurant is located at 756 East Ocean Road, Holly Ridge, North Carolina.

29. Sambo’s Tavern seafood restaurant, Leipsic, Delaware

For crustacean lovers, Sambo’s Tavern is next to heaven as it offers a first-class experience of this seafood. Founded over fifty years ago, the restaurant offers local crab in several forms, including crab bisque, fried soft shell crab, classic whole crabs, and juicy crab cakes, giving it a reputation for having the best-steamed crabs and crab cakes in the region. Also, the seasonal restaurant is located on Front Street Leipsic and offers an idyllic view of the Leipsic River while enjoying your meal.

30. Wintzell’s Oyster House seafood restaurant, Alabama

What began as a six-stool oyster bar in 1938 has expanded in size and presence with about ten different locations across the state of Alabama. If you are a keen lover of oysters, then check out Wintzell’s Oyster House, one of the best seafood restaurants in the US, which is known for serving nude, fried, or stewed oysters.

Aside from the several seafood dishes on its menu, the restaurant also sells fresh oysters, shrimp, and gumbo. One very famous meal available in the restaurant is its cold crab meat dish and coined West Indies Salad. Some of the locations of this oyster house in Alabama include Downtown Mobile, West Mobile, Saraland, Greenville, and Montgomery.

31. Deep Blue Seafood restaurant, Fargo, North Dakota

It ranks among the best seafood restaurants in the US and is also the first seafood market in Fargo, North Dakota. The restaurant gets fresh seafood delivered daily for its dishes which sometimes may contain shrimp, steak, and even chips. With its fresh seafood supply, Deep Blue Seafood offers various well-prepared seafood. So you can enjoy smoked salmon, smoked trout, or whitefish in a calm and comfortable environment. Fresh mussels, clams, and oysters are also available so you can bask in the feel and smell of the ocean.

32. Brown’s Lobster Pound seafood restaurant, Seabrook, New Hampshire

New Hampshire may not have much as far as the coastline may be concerned, but the availability of seafood here is undeniable. Brown’s Lobster Pound is one restaurant that offers a premium seafood experience to visitors and residents alike. Established in 1950 on 407 NH Highway 286, Seabrook, the restaurant has consistently provided numerous orders of pristine seafood. It is known for expertly serving fried clams and four kinds of chowder. Also, in this seafood joint, you get to enjoy fresh lobsters pulled out of their tanks alongside your beer or wine in a chill and relaxed place.

33. White River Fish Market & Restaurant, Tulsa, Oklahoma

At first, it began selling fresh seafood around 1932, but several years later, the business expanded, establishing a seafood restaurant. Today, White River Fish Market And Restaurant is an excellent spot to get the best seafood in Tulsa, whether boiled, fried, or grilled. Also, the restaurant is quite famous for its fried fish, and the fried catfish and shrimp entree is one meal every seafood lover would enjoy. In addition, several seafood options are available here, including grilled salmon, sea scallops, halibuts, fresh oysters, and swordfish.

34. Henrietta Red seafood restaurant, Nashville

One thing that makes this restaurant one of the best seafood restaurants in the United States is the simplicity of its dishes which are prepared with top-quality ingredients to produce a classic seafood feel. Since the focus is on simple and fresh ingredients, Henrietta Red’s menu consists of a blend of vegetable-forward sauces and various seafood.

As a result, you can enjoy meals like roasted oysters, curry butter, or red snapper with a tinge of radishes or tarragon. Its raw bar also features about twelve to sixteen varieties of oysters. You can find this fantastic restaurant at 1200 4th Avenue North, Nashville. It is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

35. Ray’s Seafood Market & Restaurant, Vermont

Since 1951 when it started and till now, this family-owned seafood restaurant is where you are assured of getting rich and fresh yellow perch in Vermont. One thing that stands out on the menu here is its fried filets which are always airy and quite crunchy. Also, at Ray’s Seafood Market & Restaurant, you can enjoy both local catches and an exquisite selection of seafood like oyster stew, fried clams bellies, and stuffed haddock. Regular crab cakes and coconut shrimp are also available.

36. Fishing With Dynamite, Manhattan Beach, California

Suppose you are searching for a seafood-centric spot in Manhattan Beach, California; this is the right place. One beautiful thing about the restaurant is the availability of both old and new-school seafood which gives guests a taste of both coasts. At Fishing With Dynamite, dishes ranging from New England clam chowder and stuffed and fried Thai snapper are available. Also, this restaurant has one of the best bars in California.

37. Da Poke Shack seafood restaurant, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

This restaurant is one of the best places in America to get a taste of poke and enjoy the best seafood choices in the country. Some seafood available here include shrimp, tako, and taegu. Amazingly, all the poke plates and bowls served at Da Poke Shack are accompanied by rice and other side dishes. Da Poke Shack is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

38. The Village Pump restaurant, Ohio

The Village Pump ranks as one of the best seafood restaurants in the USA, as it offers unique choices of seafood meals. Here you can enjoy delicious lobster chowder, fried lake perch, oysters, clam, walleye bites, and shrimp. A visit to this seafood haven would heighten your love for seafood.

39. Local Ocean Seafoods, Newport, Rhode Island

Seafood lovers in Newport will find the Local Ocean Seafood quite exciting as the restaurant serves world-class oyster meals, crab dishes as well as various clam combinations. Also, the restaurant has a market for fresh seafood where guests can get seafood directly from fishing boats and fishermen.

40. Flying Fish & Co. seafood restaurant, West Virginia

This seafood spot in West Virginia is quite famous for its supply of fresh seafood like salmon, tuna, and swordfish, which locals often love to prepare at home. Also, Flying Fish & Co offers expertly prepared meals like crab cake sandwiches, shrimp tacos, and blackened fish as lunch for guests.

41. Willow Pond Southern Catfish, Kentucky

Eddyville, Kentucky, is well known for its fried catfish, and Willow Pond Southern Catfish is one restaurant that provides the best servings of fried catfish. Also, the restaurant serves catfish accompanied by sides such as hush puppies, baked potatoes, and vinegar slaw to garnish its taste.

42. Rocky Mountain Seafood, Afton, Wyoming

The restaurant enjoys patronage from seafood lovers all over the region due to its famous Canadian salmon and Alaskan halibut fish and chips. In addition, Rocky Mountain Seafood offers takeout and fresh seafood for guests to prepare at home.

43. The Alaska Fish House, Ketchikan, Alaska

Located at 3 Salmon Landing, Ketchikan, AK 99901, the Alaska Fish House is also one of the best seafood restaurants in the US. The restaurant boasts an exquisite menu that features seafood like salmon, cod, and halibut prepared in different ways and served with sauce.

44. Neptune Oyster seafood restaurant, Boston

The restaurant puts Boston on the list of seafood cities in America with its exquisite selection of oysters. Neptune Oyster is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US. It offers seafood like clam chowder and lobster rolls, making it a fantastic spot as far as seafood is concerned in the US.

45. Kinley Restaurant & Bar, Anchorage, Alaska

Fresh Alaskan seafood is available in this restaurant, so it is a favorite spot for seafood lovers. At Kinley Restaurant & Bar every customer is treated as royalty as its menu is tailored to cater to each individual’s seafood needs and tastes.

46. Legal Sea Foods, seafood restaurants

Legal Sea Foods has branches spread across several locations in the United States, and it, over the years, has continued to offer fresh seafood. Some seafood dishes available here include shrimp cocktails, New England clam chowder, cioppino, and seafood casserole.

47. Seven Fish Restaurant, Key West, Florida

Seven Fish Restaurant occupies a bright, airy building to enjoy your favorite seafood in a relaxed atmosphere. The seafood spot is located at 921 Truman Avenue, Key West, FL, and offers fantastic seafood dishes. Some include crab cake, steamed mussels, grilled shrimp, spicy tuna rolls, and sea scallops.

48. Stoned Crab seafood restaurant, Keywest, Florida

If you are searching for a restaurant where you can get the freshest seafood in Key West, the Stoned Crab is where you should go. It is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US. Its focus is on the stone crab, a local delicacy alongside various local fish. The restaurant is an excellent place to relax and enjoy a delicious seafood meal.

49. Bourbon House seafood restaurant, New Orleans

Found on 144 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, Bourbon House makes the list of the best seafood restaurants in the U.S. as it offers an authentic and exciting seafood experience for tourists and residents alike. Here you can enjoy dishes that contain crab, oyster, shrimp, tuna, and salmon.

50. Commander’s Palace restaurant, New Orleans

Known for helping guests create incredible seafood experiences, Commander’s Palace serves smoked gulf fish, crab cake, and white shrimp. Also, the restaurant offers a wine list so you can sip your favorite wine while enjoying your sumptuous seafood meal.

51. The Clam Shack restaurant, Kennebunk, Portland

Whenever you are in Kennebunk, Portland, you should visit the Clam Shack for the freshest fried seafood and lobsters. You also get fried scallops, shrimp, boiled lobster rolls, clam chowder, and shrimp cocktails.

52. Red’s Eats seafood restaurant, Wiscasset, Maine

It is one of the most popular restaurants on Route 1, Maine, and has been operating for over thirty years. Red’s Eats seafood menu, which consists of clam cakes, shrimp baskets, and crab cake baskets, is quite the attraction for seafood lovers in the region.

53. Swan Oyster Depot seafood restaurant, San Francisco

Located at 1517 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109, Swan Oyster Depot is a haven for seafood lovers in San Francisco. Here traditional seafood like crabs, shrimp, and prawns are combined excitingly to give you the best seafood experience.

54. Anchor Oyster Bar seafood restaurant, San Francisco

This restaurant is renowned for serving the freshest oyster combinations alongside other seafood meals. One signature dish which Anchor Oyster Bar is widely recognized for is its cioppino, made with recipes passed down for generations. Anchor Oyster Bar is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

55. Jack’s Fish Spot, Seattle, Washington

In addition to providing fresh seafood, Jack’s Fish Spot has a seafood bar that cooks and serves fish and chips, grilled salmon, oysters, and creamy clam chowder. Also, this restaurant is strategically located in Pike Place Market, thus making it quite easily accessible.

56. Manolin Restaurant, Seattle

For seafood lovers in Seattle who are searching for a place to enjoy delicious local seafood dishes, Manolin is the perfect fit. At the restaurant, you can enjoy delicious meals consisting of oysters, salmon, king crab, and Pacific cod.

57. Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar, Charleston, South Carolina

At 186 Concord Street, Fleet Landing offers fried oysters, shrimp, and lump crab cake. The restaurant is also open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

58. Pearlz Oyster Bar seafood restaurant, Charlotte

Only the best seafood is served at Pearlz Oyster Bar, as the restaurant offers a blend of fresh local seafood and raw shellfish. With a menu that covers various seafood, you are assured of a premium seafood experience. It is one of the best seafood restaurants in the US.

59. Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

It remains a great spot to relax, unwind and enjoy a plate of your favorite seafood. Some seafood choices at Fisherman’s Wharf include lobster bisque, clam chowder, seafood campechana, and shrimp gumbo.

60. Daily Catch Seafood, Smithfield, Rhodes Island

Finally, Daily Catch Seafood which is located at 9 Cedar Swamp Road, offers various seafood like scallops, crabs, shellfish, shrimp, squid, and fish, both fresh and oven-ready. As a result of its numerous seafood options, the restaurant is one of the best seafood restaurants in the USA.

61. Trident Seafoods, Seattle

With over forty years of being in the seafood business, Trident Seafoods ranks high as one of the best seafood restaurants in the US. Unlike most seafood restaurants that buy their seafood, this seafood company catches its own. This way, you are assured of the freshest, purest, and most great-tasting seafood in Seattle. One particular delicacy available here is the Wild Alaska Pollock which is quite a healthy diet.

62. Silver Bay Seafoods, Greenville

Located at 6613 White Horse Road, Greenville, Silver Bay Seafoods is an excellent spot to get the best seafood experience whenever you visit Greenville. The family-style restaurant offers several seafood choices well prepared in different ways for you and your family. Non-seafood lovers can also find the restaurant interesting as there are other dishes and meals available asides from seafood.

63. Point Loma Seafoods, San Diego

One thing that stands out about Point Loma Seafoods is the scenic views it offers guests as they enjoy their favorite seafood meal. Here you have various seafood options, including white seabass, swordfish, bluefish tuna, and local spiny lobster. Also, you can shop for fresh fish at this seafood haven while its smoked fish remains one of the best in San Diego. If you ever visit San Diego as a seafood lover, do well to check out this seafood restaurant.

64. Coastal Seafoods, St Paul

Nothing beats the feeling you get when trying spicy and exotic seafood dishes. At Coastal Seafoods, you can have an exciting seafood experience with its fantastic menu. Here you can enjoy boiled buffalo oysters, herb-crusted fish, blackened shrimp, and simple shrimp ceviche. As a bonus, the restaurant offers discounts on some dishes on certain days of the week.

65. Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Seattle

Ranked high as one of the most popular seafood companies in America, Ocean Beauty Seafoods has existed for over a hundred years and is a fantastic spot to enjoy premium seafood meals in Seattle. Located at 1100 W. Ewing Street, Seattle, this seafood brand offers the region’s best fresh, smoked, and well-prepared seafood choices. Its menu includes Alaska flatfish, crab, farm-raised salmon, Alaska pollock, and icy point calamari.


The United States is one wonderful country to enjoy seafood, as there are several seafood restaurants. If you visit the United States, you should check out the restaurants mentioned above, as they are the best seafood restaurants in the US.


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