The 15 Best Hotels in Owerri, Imo Sate

Hotels are renowned facilities globally that ensure the delivery of paid lodging services on a short or long-term basis. It can be individually owned or Government owned. As an essential part of the tourism industry, besides providing comfortable accommodations for guests, they also create facilities for conferences, exhibitions, business meetings, entertainment, and recreation.

Are you searching for the best hotels in Owerri to lodge in? Don’t worry a dime, as we’ve got you covered here. This article discusses the 15 best hotels in Owerri that you and your loved ones can comfortably lodge at now that we are approaching the festive period.

Why you should visit Owerri

Owerri is the capital of Imo State, situated in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is a beautiful place that is quite popular for its vibrant Igbo culture, friendly people, and ancient traditions and customs that visitors can learn from.

Owerri is well known for its tasty local dishes, especially the popular Ofe Owerri soup – a rich soup of taste and nutritional value made from assorted fish, snails, and vegetables that your palette can’t say no to.

Check Out the 15 Best Hotels in Owerri, Imo State

In this section, we have enlisted the best hotels in Owerri that you can lodge in style, safety, and comfort. They are:

1. Swiss International Beland Hotel

best hotels in owerri

Swiss International Beland Hotel is one of the top hotels in Owerri. It is strategically situated in an area accessible to some points of interest, such as Asaba International Airport, Shoprite, Rojenny Tourist Village, Federal Medical Center, Federal Marriage Registry, Ojukwu Memorial Square, and more. The hotel has eight floors; guests can get an incredible view of the beautiful city. Little wonder, it is popularly called Beland Towers by some individuals.

Address: Plot H-14, PBL, Imo Specialist Hospital Road, Umuguma, New Owerri.


2. Imo Concorde Hotel

best hotels in owerri

Concorde Hotel is one of the best hotels to lodge if you are visiting the new business district of Owerri. Its outstanding amenities include one restaurant, free Wi-Fi, breakfast, parking space, and a swimming pool. The places of interest nearby the Concorde Hotel are Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Absorption Cathedral, Rolling hills in Okigwe, Owerri mall, Oguta lake, and the Dan Ayiam Stadium.

Address: Concorde Avenue, by Port Harcourt Rd, Owerri.


3. Rockview hotel

best hotels in owerri

Rockview hotel is another popular 4-star hotel in Owerri that was built for visitors’ comfort. It prides itself on its tower structure and strategic location. It features over 100 rooms, a gym, an outdoor pool, a bar/lounge, a restaurant, and more.

Address: Plot Cp2-Cp5, Government Station Layout, Owerri.


4. Protea Hotel Owerri

best hotels in owerri

Formerly known as Protea Hotel by Marriot, this hotel remains one of the top 3-star hotels in Owerri, about 2.6 miles from the mall. It has four floors and 90 spacious rooms to accommodate visitors. Protea Hotel ensures that guests are well attended to by providing exceptional hotel service. The facility also caters to guests’ needs by providing laundry and dry cleaning service, airport transfer, elevator, and ATM. Its Lemon restaurant also does a great job by serving international dishes on its menu.

Address: Plot H-1, Nekede Pocket Layout, Owerri.


5. Immaculate Royal Hotel

best hotels in owerri

Immaculate Royal Hotel is one of the top hotels in Owerri that is rated as a 4-star hotel. It offers free Wi-Fi and parking space. Its other facilities include a lounge, bar, gym, multipurpose hall, restaurant ( that serves local and international cuisines), and over 60 elegant rooms with lovely interior designs. Interesting places nearby this hotel is Living Faith Church (about 15 minutes walk), the State House of Assembly, and more.

Address: Port-Harcourt Rd, by Imo State House of Assembly. 


6. Axion Honours Hotel

best hotels in owerri

Axion Honours is one of the best hotels in Owerri that provides a 4-star hotel service (including concierge) to guests. You will enjoy a lovely meal at its awesome restaurant, access to a free parking space, a nice bar, nightclub, and karaoke bar, and a nice walk in its lovely garden. Its accommodation service includes free Wi-Fi, airport transfers, and outstanding room service.

Address: 7 Axion Rd, off Port Harcourt Road, Owerri.


7. Newton Hotels Limited 

best hotels in owerri

Newton Hotels Limited is a 4-star hotel strategically sited in the heart of the capital city of Imo state. Also, guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi, parking, and breakfast at its on-site restaurant. Other facilities here include a fitness center, lounge, and more. The sites of attraction that are accessible to visitors from the location of this hotel include Dan Ayiam stadium, Oguta lake, Absorption cathedral, Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Port Harcourt international airport, and more. 

Address: Plot H-2, Imo Specialist Hospital Rd, New Owerri.


8. All Seasons Hotel

best hotels in owerri

All Seasons Hotel is one of the best hotels in Owerri that gives you quality service for your money. It provides over 130 luxurious rooms and suites, a restaurant, a bar, free parking space, airport shuttle service, an elevator, and more. You can easily access the Absorption Cathedral (about 5 minutes drive from the hotel), Dan Ayiam stadium, and more.

Address: Plot 5047-5049, All Seasons Ave, Off Port-Harcourt Rd, New Owerri.


9. Full Moon Hotel

best hotels in owerri

Full Moon hotel is one of the best hotels in Owerri that is rated 4-star for its superb service to guests and business visitors. It prides itself in over 70 rooms with the best facilities money can provide, categorized into penthouse double, penthouse single, executive, deluxe, and premiere, which are provided to guests in different amounts. Its other facilities range from a Karaoke bar to a conference hall.

Address: Plot H/1 Full Moon Ave, off Akanchawa Rd, Housing Area C, New Owerri.


10. Cradonia Ltd Hotel

best hotels in owerri

Cradonia Ltd Hotel is one of the best hotels in Owerri, located between Umu Oma and Irete. Its featured facilities include air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, and outstanding room service. There are awesome places of interest to visit within this region.

Address: No 3, Cladonia Ave, by Port Harcourt Rd, New Police HQ, Owerri.


11. Forever Hotels & Suites

best hotels in owerri

This hotel is a prominent one located in the heart of Owerri. Guests here get free Wi-Fi, a restaurant with a traditional and international dishes menu, an airport shuttle service, and a bar, amongst others. 

Address: Plot 8h 7 – 9, Lady Annas Nwosu Lane, by Emmanuel K Uzoh Ave, Owerri.


12. Green Palm Apartments 

best hotels in owerri

Green Palm Apartments is certainly one of the best hotels in Owerri. It has elegant rooms and exudes beautiful works of art. Green Palm Apartments has an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, and a parking lot for guests.

Address: No 2, Nixon Onyirimba Ave, by Area G, Owerri.


13. Golden Tulip Grand Palazzo Hotel

best hotels in owerri

Golden Tulip Grand Palazzo is categorized among the best hotels in Owerri, which is renowned for having the biggest outdoor pool in the city. Its featured facilities include a bar, restaurant, air-conditioned rooms, snack bar, room service, and more. 

Address: Plot 1 – 3, Etoks Ave, off SUBEB junction, by Port Harcourt Rd, Owerri.


14. Haven Suites Hotel

best hotels in owerri

Haven Suites is one of the top hotels in Owerri that features a bar, fitness center, restaurant, indoor pool, airport shuttle service, room service, and more. Little wonder, guests are always trooping in and out of the hotel.

Address: No 23, Ekwema Crescent, by Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri

15. BON Hotel Tripod

best hotels in owerri

BON Hotel Tripod is one of the best hotels in Owerri that spears no effort into delivering excellent service to both fun seekers and business visitors. It offers exquisite and luxurious rooms, concierge services, and more. The interesting places nearby this hotel include the A6 road and the Imo State Trade Investment Center.

Address: No 4, Maranatha Avenue, New Owerri


Owerri is a city popularly known as an Entertainment hub and is a great place for tourists to visit in Nigeria. Little wonder, it is full of luxurious and exquisite hotels to make visitors feel comfortable. In the previous section, we have enlisted the top 15 hotels in Owerri that you can lodge alongside interesting places nearby that you can also tour.

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