Check Out These 12 Seafoods High in Iron

Seafood comprises nutrients and minerals, including Iron, which greatly benefit the human body. 

Are you aware that Iron is required in your diet to transport oxygen to all your body’s cells? Are you also aware that eating seafood rich in protein can help increase haemoglobin in the body of an anaemic person?

It’s why if an individual suffers from iron deficiency, it could result in anaemia (a sickness that saps energy and leaves one tired). And seafood tends to be an excellent source of Iron.

With this in mind, in this article, we will share everything that entails seafoods high in Iron. Want to know more about iron-rich seafoods? Ensure you read till the end.

Benefits of eating iron-rich seafood

There are many benefits of eating seafoods. Iron is a vital mineral that the human body needs to produce haemoglobin. This haemoglobin, in turn, assists the red blood cells in transporting oxygen to where it is required in the body. Even though Iron is present in every human cell, it can be found more in red blood cells. Indeed, Iron has a lot of health importance to the human body, little wonder why seafoods high in Iron is consumed at a very high rate around the world.

Here are the benefits of the regular intake of iron-rich seafood:

  • It helps to lower the risk of anaemia.
  • It is beneficial in dealing with fatigue.
  • Since Iron is needed to make myoglobin – a protein that supplies oxygen to the muscles, the regular intake of seafoods high in Iron can help aid athletes’ performance.
  • Seafood rich in Iron can help reduce the risk of restless leg syndrome – a health condition in which individuals cannot move their legs, which occurs majorly at night, disrupting their sleep.
  • Regular eating of seafoods high in Iron can help to enhance brain concentration and performance.
  • It helps to reduce the occurrence of headaches.

Check Out These 12 Seafoods High in Iron

In this section, we have selected some seafoods high in Iron. They are:

  1. Clams
  2. Oysters
  3. Mussels
  4. Periwinkle
  5. Cuttlefish 
  6. Sardines
  7. Anchovies
  8. Herring
  9. Tuna
  10. Rascasse
  11. Mackerel
  12. Roe


seafoods high in iron

Clams (especially the canned ones) are one of the many seafoods high in iron and vitamin B12. 3½ ounces of canned clams will provide about 27 milligrams of Iron. However, the iron content level in canned clams depends on the brand. Hence, we recommend that you check the nutritional value before buying them.


seafoods high in iron

Oysters are excellent heme iron sources- which helps the body with minerals such as selenium, zinc, phosphorus (facilitates the formation of bones and teeth), and copper (protects the human body from free radicals). Also, they are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. About 100 grams of oysters is equivalent to 9 milligrams of Iron. 


seafoods high in iron

Another seafood that is high in Iron is the mussels; about 100 grams of this cooked seafood will provide 5.5 milligrams of Iron to the body. It is also rich in vitamins C, A, and B12 (required to produce red blood cells) and calcium ( to help make bones stronger).


seafoods high in iron

Periwinkle is one of the several seafoods high in Iron since 100 grams of its cooked version will provide the body with 10 milligrams of Iron. This seafood is also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and minerals, including magnesium and selenium. All these nutrients and minerals play specific roles in keeping the body healthy. Periwinkle is a typical mollusks that can be paired with soup to give it a delightful taste.


seafoods high in iron

Cuttlefish is one of the seafoods high in Iron. One serving of cuttlefish provides about 3 milligrams of Iron. It is also rich in fats, protein, vitamin B12, and minerals, including phosphorus.


seafoods high in iron

Sardines are seafoods high in Iron and are inexpensive to get your 11% daily value of Iron. 3 ounces of canned sardines will provide the body with 2 milligrams of Iron, while per 100 grams of sardine in oil will yield 3.3 milligrams of Iron to the body. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and a few minerals beneficial to the human body.


seafoods high in iron

Anchovies are the richest seafoods high in Iron. A serving of this cooked seafood will provide you with 15% of the daily value of Iron, and 100 grams of anchovies is about 5.1 milligrams of Iron. Also, anchovies are highly abundant in niacin, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and other minerals that are vital in maintaining the body’s general health.


seafoods high in iron

Herring is one of the seafood that is abundant in Iron. It contains 1.4 milligrams of Iron per 100 grams of a serving. The marinated herring will provide 3.5 milligrams of Iron per 100 grams served. Also, herring contains important nutrients and minerals such as vitamins E and D, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and niacin, with major roles in keeping the body fit. 


seafoods high in iron

Tuna is one of the seafood high in Iron. A canned tuna of 6 ounces contains about 2.7 milligrams of Iron. Additionally, tuna is highly rich in potassium, all the vitamins B, as well as sodium.


seafoods high in iron

Rascasse is a very special seafood that is an excellent source of Iron. 100 grams of this tasty seafood will provide the body with 5.5 milligrams of Iron. It is also a great source of essential fats, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and calcium that are of health significance to the human body.


seafoods high in iron

Mackerel is a very good dietary source of Iron in large quantities; thankfully, it is inexpensive. One serving of this delicious seafood, or 100 grams, can provide between 1.6 to 3.3 milligrams of Iron. Also, mackerel contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, and minimal mercury that is not harmful when ingested.

Salmon Roe

seafoods high in iron

Salmon roe is a special seafood that is abundantly rich in iron. It is also known as fish eggs and 100 grams of cooked roe will provide about 0.8 milligrams of iron. These fish eggs are also very rich in selenium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, and calcium – which all play an important role in the body.


Seafood is an excellent source of iron and several other minerals that are of health significance to the human body. Iron has lots of benefits derived from it, such as the production of red blood cells, averting the risk of anemia, excellent brain performance, and more. Hence, its relevance cannot be under-emphasized. This is why we recommend that you should regularly take iron rich seafoods.

In the previous section, we listed and explained the seafoods high in iron. We strongly recommend that you should try them out if you are in dire need of iron supplements without breaking the bank. This is because some of this highly rich seafood in iron are being sold at an inexpensive amount. However, apart from the aforementioned seafood, there are several other seafoods that contain iron in their nutritional content.


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